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ULTRA RICH Shower Cream - Shea Oil

The SO’BiO étic® ULTRA RICH Shower Cream with Shea Oil nourishes dry skin, including the most sensitive skins, thanks to its innovative SULFATE FREE* formula.
Sulfates can cause dryness, discomfort and irritations.
Without making any compromises on performance, sulfate removal makes this SO’BiO étic® shower cream less foamy but much gentler on your skin.
The SO’BiO étic® shea oil shower cream protects the hydrolipidic film of the skin without irritating it.

Take care of your skin and the environment.


Demonstrated performance


Shea butter has been used for milleniums for its protective and regenerative virtues. Women extract the butter from the shea nuts. The lipid complex content of this butter is of excellent cosmetic quality.
Shea butter is traditionally used as a beauty product in Africa. It is renowned for making the skin more supple, while nourishing, protecting, repairing and soothing it.
Unlike sulfated surfactants that produce a lot of foam but that also contain harsh detergents, the mild foaming agents used in SO’BiO étic ® body washes and shampoos are particularly well-adapted to the skin and hair, for a gentle and nonirritating cleansing action.

Do not ingest (keep out of reach of children). Avoid contact with the eyes. Please discard properly, do not litter.

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