The SO’BiO étic® certified organic Precision Eyeliner for a delicate look, nothing could be simpler! With its felt tip applicator, it is very easy to use, and thanks to its fluid and comfortable texture, it glides on the skin for a smooth application. 100% natural origin, it will sublimate your eyes. Enriched with chamomile floral water, acacia gum and cornflower floral water, it is perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes, but also for wearing contact lenses.

Discover also the organic certified eye pencil Precision by SO’BiO étic®. Available in 3 essential colors, to match all your looks: the classic and chic black, the deep and bold midnight blue and the intense and mysterious brown. Whether you prefer a fine and precise line to hem your eyes or a smoky effect, you can easily modulate its effect by blending it or on the contrary by accentuating its density.