Our commitments

An ethical brand, in name and in fact!

Starting in 1996, our commitment to natural and organic cosmetics that are nature-, human- and earth-friendly wasn’t just a mere statement…. it had to be demonstrated.  For over 10 years now, SO’BiO étic® has been demonstrating our commitment daily. A wholehearted A to Z commitment that starts with product formulation and continues all the way through their display on the shelf, based on a comprehensive and coherent organic approach.

Organic and ethical cosmetics

SO’BiO étic® ethics imply a commitment throughout all stages of a product’s life cycle.

Our objective: being organic and logical.  Our approach aims to be coherent.  What is the point of using the best natural and organic ingredients if the production process, packaging and transportation do not protect mankind and its environment?

SO’BiO étic®’s strength resides in fact in the controlled management of the entire life cycle of our products, warranting utmost confidence in the quality of our organic cosmetics.

Our beauty commitments

Manufacturing secrets… Transparent formulas

The formulation, in other words, the composition and the manufacturing of our cosmetics is a key step.

The SO’BiO étic® expertise and know-how are focused on offering beauty products that are over 98% natural, with a minimum of 10% organic ingredients (considering a cream contains about 90% water).

All of our products are subjected to extremely rigorous specifications and rigorous clinical testing.  They are guaranteed to be effective and innocuous while maintaining the balance of the skin.  They are also highly sensory with innovative textures or unique perfumes.

Cosmetics with 0% controversial ingredients

SO’BiO étic® applies the specifications of the Cosmébio charter and exceeds them each time possible.

And of course, all of our skincare is guaranteed to be free of sulfate and silicone.

They are subjected to rigorous tolerance and efficacy laboratory testing.

Our 2020 engagement plan’s objectives include the gradual suppression of certain ingredients which may be controversial for human health and the environment.

We thus exceed standards for organic cosmetic specifications.  This is the case for palm oil derived products, which are mainly used as surfactants for foaming personal hygiene and hair products, that we have decided to replace gradually, given the warnings issued by NGOs on the significant catastrophic damage in countries where palm oil trees are grown.


Our ethical commitments

Talking about it is great, but doing it is even better!  The SO’BiO étic® commitment starts right at the beginning of the supply chain, thanks to the selection of ingredients used in our natural and certified organic cosmetics.

To ensure traceability, equity and quality, we privilege sustainable partnerships with carefully selected producers.  Namely, SO’BiO étic® works with fair trade supply chains that are certified Fair for Life particularly for argan oil or aloe vera.

Products that Are Well Made, Packaged and Delivered

To develop local organic products that are Made in France, SO’BiO étic® built a unique production site in Charente-Maritime, near our headquarters in La Rochelle.

This site is equipped with a natural tech-based water treatment plant that uses bio disks, an innovation at an industrial level in France.  This new manufacturing plant offers a combination of high technological performances and environmentally-sound facilities.

Currently, most of our cosmetics are produced in France, 85% of which in-house, at our headquarters.

Packaging must reflect our brand’s philosophy and commitments.  Furthermore, at SO’BiO étic®, we reduce the ecological impact of our packaging.  Therefore, 99% of these are recyclable, and a minimum of 62% are plant-based, which has led to a reduction in carbon emissions by 225 tons per year.  Today, 95% of our bottles are plant-based (cane sugar) or made with recycled plastic.

At the end of the supply chain, SO’BiO étic® privileges clean logistics with warehouses that are equipped with a temperature-regulating Canadian well (reduced energy consumption) and double-decker trucks (less waste of space, less trucks on the road).

SO’BiO étic® is committed to the Earth

We work with producers of natural and organic ingredients in a spirit of partnership and fair trade.  Our beauty care is developed and packaged in France, while limiting our carbon footprint for production and packaging.

SO’BiO étic® goes even further to protect the environment and biodiversity…. Ever since its creation, our brand has been a member of 1% For the planet.  Each year, SO’BiO étic® donates 1% of its total sales to fund actions aimed at protecting nature, mankind and wildlife.  Between 2010 and 2019, SO’BiO étic® has thus funded 150 environmental protection projects for a total amount of 1.7 million euros.

The Earth is our DNA !