Our values


SO’BiO étic® strives to give each and every woman the means to enhance her natural beauty on a daily basis.

We distribute our organic and ethical cosmetics through retailers and the internet to make these readily available to all.
Our wide and diversified product lines are adapted to all skin types and are designed for daily use at any age.



Nature’s treasure trove inspires SO’BiO étic®’s creativity, making of our brand a finder of new talents.  Our pioneering spirit is reflected in all aspect of product development:  scientific, sensorial and olfactive innovation ensure our cosmetics offer ever-increasing pleasure and performance.

  • Our Research and Development Center has been specialized in organic cosmetics for over 15 years, while our Perfume Department develops 100% natural complex fragrances.
  • Our formulas are highly innovative, such as the first gel product made from argan oil, or the unprecedented “milk pearls” found in our My Donkey Milk line.
  • Our Perfect Skin treatment, which is based on sacred lotus flower extract, has been patented. The innovative olfactive properties of this formula are inspired by aromatherapy and based on a mixture of relaxing oils.



The SO’BiO étic® line of cosmetics puts all of the wholesomeness of nature to pleasing the senses.  Our cosmetics offer delicate and natural fragrances combined with sensory textures, making of each beauty routine a moment of sheer pleasure.


SO’BiO étic® is strongly committed to delivering organic and ethical beauty products and goes well beyond the call of duty in that respect. We go all out to make sure that the cosmetic promise made to women also extends to respecting the well-being of others and to protecting the environment.

Our skincare formulas consistently exceed Ecocert standards to include as many organic ingredients as possible.
Our SO’BiO Club encourages women to participate in our product line development and improvement through trial offers and constant satisfaction feedback monitoring.