Our mission

At SO’BiO étic®, our mission is to contribute to feminine beauty while acting for a better world.

SO’BiO étic® was born in 2007 at a time when women were increasingly worried about developing issues with the global cosmetic industry. Charles Kloboukoff – a socially responsible entrepreneur – realized there existed a pressing need for natural cosmetics made from organic ingredients, that were safe, effective and pleasurable and that fully reflected the LEA NATURE Group’s core values: humane, healthful and earth-friendly sourcing, innovation, production and development.

A new type of cosmetics came to life: cosm-ethics, bringing beauty to women without taking away from that of nature or mankind.

• All of our skincare products are certified by Ecocert and comply with the Cosmébio charter. We strive to limit our footprint on the environment at all times (recyclable packaging, clean and renewable energy, etc.)

• We work in full cooperation with our collaborators, and give priority to locally sourced products (donkey milk). When applicable, we offer our suppliers with additional support in evolving towards organic production methods (Asinerie des Varennes in Dompierre-sur-mer, France)

• We develop ethical purchasing policies for raw materials that are not readily available near our production facilities. Our approach is focused on ensuring that our suppliers contribute to improved sanitary, social and economic conditions for local populations. In Burkina Faso, for instance, we purchase our shea butter from the Nununa Federation, providing income for member women and contributing to improved social status for them. In Brasil, we obtain organic copaiba from the Satere Mawe tribe at an equitable price, which allows them to preserve their autarkical and traditional lifestyle.

•  We are a member the 1% for the Planet Club and we support of a number of environmental associations (€ 5.5 million donated by the Group since 2007).