Mascara that cares for the lashes or care that makes them up? A perfect example of hybrid makeup, the three new mascaras give as much importance to the makeup finish as to the health of the lashes. Packed with high-quality natural and organic plant ingredients, they beautify, strengthen and stimulate lash growth with each application. No more petrochemical derivatives that suffocate lashes!

Length and definition. Perfectly defined and visibly longer lashes for an irresistible look. A fluid texture that doesn’t run, an ultra-precise brush that grabs lashes one by one to stretch them to the max.

Volume and density. Shaped, coated and volumized lashes for a glamorous look. A fluid texture combined with a volumizing brush to envelop and flesh out each lash and give a beautiful depth to the eyes.

Curve, volume, length: The 3-in-1 combo. Curved, lengthened and volumized lashes for an intense doe-eye look. Its curved brush coats lashes from root to tip!