Taking care of yourself every day also means choosing deodorants that are up to 99% natural and that protect your skin.  Find the deodorant you need amongst our line of certified organic deodorants which were developed to respond to each type of problem.

Our certified organic deodorant made with aloe vera is recommended for sensitive skins, while dry skins can opt for our shea butter or coconut oil deodorant.  For delicate skins that require extra gentleness our donkey milk deodorant will keep your arm pits soft and nourished.  Our refreshing mint deodorant is ideal for people who practice sports or who need a certified organic purifying and refreshing deodorant.

When you use a certified organic deodorant, you are certain that it will not be harsh on your skin, leaving it soothed especially when it is exposed to external stress factors such as waxing or shaving.