Designed for sensitive eyes, SO’BiO étic’s Eye line is composed of 3 mascaras, 7 eyeshadows as well as pencils and eyeliners.

Volume, length or curve? SO’BiO étic® mascaras will not only enhance your look, but also strengthen and stimulate your lashes thanks to their composition full of natural and organic ingredients.

From Purple Plum to Strass White, from Tender Rose to Precious Grey, the range of shades in Pure color SO’BiO étic® Eyeshadow is matched only by the quality of the ingredients that take care of your eyelids, 100% natural origin. Silky and comfortable texture, easy to apply whatever the desired result.

The SO’BiO étic® eyeliner is specially designed for sensitive eyes, even when wearing contact lenses.

And don’t forget the SO’BiO étic® Precision organic eye pencil, which will highlight your eyes with a single stroke. With a soft, melting texture that glides along the lashes. This pencil will give you a real feeling of comfort during application thanks to its castor oil-enriched formula.