Sulfate-free body washes

When you use a sulfate(1) free shower gel, you can forget all the unpleasant sensations and discomfort that you used to feel when you stepped out of the shower. Dryness and irritation are the sign that your skin is damaged by the numerous chemicals used in your traditional shower products. Our sulfate(1) free shower gels are 97% natural for your peace of mind and to protect your skin and the environment.

The natural ingredients used for our sulfate(1) free shower gels are chosen to take care of your skin. They are made with donkey milk to make your skin more beautiful, aloe vera to hydrate it, or shea butter to nourish it. You are certain to find the one that is most suited to pamper your skin with kindness each time you wash.

They are guaranteed to contain 0% sulfates(1), soap, artificial colorants or fragrances, or EDTA(2).  Our sulfate(1) free shower gels are dermatologically tested and protect the hydrolipidic film of the skin naturally, making them adapted to the most sensitive skins.

(1)free of sulfate-based surfactants