Sulfate-free body washes | Protect your skin!

Shower milk - Organic Sweet Almond

The SO’BiO étic® ALMOND AND HONEY body wash hydrates all skin types thanks to its innovative SULFATE FREE* formula. The creamy texture relieves tightness and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated!
SO’BiO étic® has selected sweet Almond Milk renowned for being extra gentle. It helps reduce dryness caused by hard water.

Dryness, discomfort and irritation are caused by sulfates. Because we have removed sulfates from our SO’BiO étic® hygiene products, they are a little less foamy, but this does not compromise their effectiveness and it helps maintain the natural balance of the skin.

Take care of your skin and of the environment! Do not litter.

*free of sulfate-based surfactants

Sensory characteristics

Demonstrated performance


Unlike sulfated surfactants that produce a lot of foam but that also contain harsh detergents, the mild foaming agents used in SO’BiO étic ® body washes and shampoos are particularly well-adapted to the skin and hair, for a gentle and nonirritating cleansing action.
Ever since Antiquity, almond oil has been extracted from the nuts for its emollient, hydrating and soothing properties.
Sweet almond oil is emollient and nourishing. It makes the skin supple and elastic. Sweet almond oil is particularly adapted to the sensitive skin of babies.

Do not ingest (keep out of reach of children). Avoid contact with the eyes. Please discard properly, do not litter.

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