Sulfate free foaming agents

Gentle and Earth-friendly Active Ingredients

Did you know?  Body washes and shampoos are mostly made of water and surfactants.  But what exactly are surfactants?

A foaming agent is a surfactant

Surfactants are multifunctional agents which have detergent (cleaning), foaming, wetting (allowing easier spreading), dispersant (allowing the suspension of other ingredients like fragrance), and emulsifying (making water and oil solids soluble) properties that help “capture” impurities, retaining them so they can be rinsed off the skin.

There are several types of surfactants and depending on their structure, they are more or less gentle.  Surfactant structure depends on the length of the carbon chain and on related chemical groups.  That composition also varies in terms of the raw ingredient it is obtained from.  Many surfactants used in conventional cosmetics are bad for the hair and scalp.

Generally speaking, surfactants that produce a lot of foam are harder on the skin and hair.  Milder surfactants produce finer and creamier foam, that is much gentler on the skin and hair.

Sulfate free SO’BiO étic® pampers your skin and hair

SO’BiO étic® has chosen mild surfactants that are sulfate free and that contain few detergents.  Their chemical structure make them gentle on the hair and skin.  They clean the skin without irritating it and eliminate impurities and residues.

They are obtained from vegetal and renewable raw materials such as coconut oil and sugar, that do not alter the hydrolipidic film of the skin and hair fibers.

All formulas for our SO’BiO étic® shower gels or shampoos contain sulfate free agents combined with specific active ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and hair.

Surfactants used in our shampoos and body washes are more than 98% biodegradable:  anything that is beneficial for the skin is also better for the environment!

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