Sulfate-free hair care

Certified organic sulfate(1) free shampoos are essential to restore gorgeous hair. Taking extra good care of your hair when you wash it means choosing certified organic natural shampoos that will not irritate your scalp and damage your hair.  After just 10 washes with our shampoo, your hair will be healthy and shiny, naturally.

Your hair is detoxified in just 10 washes with our shampoos thanks to formulas that are 99% natural.  They strengthen the hair, leaving it soft, shiny, purified, nourished, hydrated or color protected, depending on what you are seeking.

The formulas for our certified organic shampoos  are free of sulfates(1) , silicone, MIT(2) and EDTA(3), to take the best care of your hair thanks to the combination of at least two active ingredients in each hair care product.  The natural balance of your hair is restored and maintained, so that it is healthier and more beautiful wash after wash.


(1) free of sulfate-based surfactants
(2) Méthylisothiazolinone
(3) Éthylene-Diamino-Tetra-Acetate


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