Healthy hair in just 10 shampoos!

What makes hair smooth, silky, shiny and strong?  Being in perfect health!  That starts with choosing the right shampoo. SO’BiO étic® has developed a range of organic and sulfate free hair products that are beneficial for your hair and environmentally friendly.

Sensuous Hair Care

Our shampoos come in luscious fragrances and are loaded with natural active ingredients that help regenerate the hair in just 10 shampoos, restoring its natural beauty while remaining gentle on the scalp.  Conditioners can be used after shampooing, as a mask or as a low-poo alternative between daily shampoos.

Hair Care & Technicality


SO’BiO étic® has developed organic formulas that include a vegetal resin complex and that are extra gentle on your hair.

Each shampoo blends two active ingredients with specific benefits depending on each hair type.

Focus on ethics

Our containers are made of vegetal plastic** to preserve the environment as well as your skin.

Zooming in on Organic Guarantees

Our shampoos are entirely free of sulfates* and silicones.

Conditioners are silicone free.

* Free of sulfate – based surfactants

** Except for bottle caps

Zooming in on active ingredients

Unlike sulfated surfactants that produce a lot of foam but that also contain harsh detergents, the mild foaming agents used in SO’BiO étic ® body washes and shampoos are particularly well-adapted to the skin and hair, for a gentle and nonirritating cleansing action.

Products included in this line