Pimples, blackheads, excess sebum, clogged pores… put a stop to imperfections!  Pamper your skin thanks to the benefits of organic Yuzu, combined with sebum-regulating Zinc PCA and a natural prebiotic to cleanse and purify your skin while regulating sebum production.

SO’BiO étic® has created Clean’Yuzu: a line of facial care products formulated for oily skin with imperfections. Indulge in these unique and zesty textures that offer effective skincare and a vitaminized citrusy fragrance!

To prevent and eliminate impurities daily, Clean’Yuzu offers 4 anti-imperfections treatments to respond to every need: a hydrarting gel-cream, a cleansing gel, an exfoliating gel, and a purifying charcoal mask. Marks and imperfections are visibly reduced, and the skin is clearer, mattified and radiant from the very first week.  Try it!

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