A precious ultra-nourishing ingredient

A Force of Nature

Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii) comes from a tree that is exclusively found in its natural state in the African Sahel region, north of the Equator, around Soudan.  It grows mainly in the woodlands of the savanna, can reach up to 20 meters in height, and produces the largest crops starting at around 50 years of age.  Each tree produces 15 to 20 kilograms of fruit per year (or about 3 to 4 kilos of nuts).

A Plant with Multiple Virtues **

Shea trees, sometimes referred to as the « butter tree » have been known for milleniums by women for their protective and regenerative virtues. Legend has it that Nefertiti preserved her great beauty thanks to shea butter.
Shea butter production is still carried out in terms of ancestral know-how. Women extract the butter from the shea nuts. The lipid complex content of this butter is of excellent cosmetic quality, and also contains essential carotenoids and vitamin E which are regenerative and soothing. Shea butter is the beauty secret of African women, and may be applied both to the skin and hair.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is part of the traditional beauty products used in Africa. When applied, it leaves a light, non sticky film on the skin that provides long-lasting protection. It contains high levels of triglycerides and unsaponifiable matter and has a number of virtues. Shea butter is known to improve elasticity of the skin, while nourishing, protecting, repairing and soothing it. When used on the hair, it nourishes and protects it, bringing additional shine.
Shea tree fruit is harvested manually by women and processed in accordance with traditional methods. Once the harvest is brought home, the women follow several steps to obtain the shea nuts: the pulp is removed from the fruit, the seeds are boiled, sun dried and cracked to free the nuts. These are sun dried once again before they are sold as is or further processed into butter. The nuts contain about 50% fat.

Organic Quality

SO’BiO étic® has selected organic shea butter.  This certification is a guarantee of traceability all along the production process, from the supply of fruit to the final butter form, to ensure optimum olfactive and sensory qualities (verification that the product is free of pesticides).

SO’BiO étic® Shea Butter

SO’BiO étic® has selected an organic supply chain in Burkina Faso. Shea butter is part of daily life for the women of Burkina Faso, with 80% of these working in this sector, as has been the case for generations. Shea butter plays a significant social and economic role in rural areas since it constitutes an additional source of income for the women, contributing to their financial independence (namely for school and health expenses).
SO’BiO étic® has established a durable business relationship with our producer that is based on long-term commitments and transparency.

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