Let your skin breathe!

To combat pollution, no need to stay at home!

The solution: detoxifying. Each day, the skin must be cleansed of the particles that accumulate on the surface thanks to a simple beauty routine. For this reason, SO’BiO étic® has chosen an effective and natural ingredient: ORGANIC BAMBOO.

Gently cleansing the skin with SO’BiO étic®

Your cleansing routine is the most essential step in maintaining beautiful skin. It keeps your skin healthy, beautiful and radiant while preventing premature aging. To achieve perfectly clear skin, SO’BiO étic® has created an entirely new product line made with organic bamboo to cleanse, exfoliate and purify gently.

Organic bamboo is the core ingredient in Pur Bambou.

The sap obtained from this exceptional bamboo is at the heart of this entirely new line of detoxifying facial cleansers that instantly lifts all types of impurities from the skin: toxins, pollution particles, dead skin cells, etc. The result is clear and refreshed skin and instantly radiant complexion!

These cleansers’ formulas are made with 99% natural ingredients in which bamboo is combined with other natural active ingredients such as Konjac, moringa or white clay for targeted efficacy.

Extra sensory textures

SO’BiO étic® has successfully developed various innovative and sensory textures that are unprecedented in organic cosmetics to respond to the needs of all women alike: a deep cleansing smoothing scrub, a biphase micellar water, a Konjac sponge and a detoxifying clay mask. Each formula is a technological prowess gorged with bamboo. Our fragrances were carefully composed to offer the most pleasurable experience at each use: notes of citrus, verbena and cotton leave the skin feeling gently refreshed.

Pure and transparent formulas for all skin types

Similarly to all Group Léa Nature brands, SO’BiO étic® has decided to make the composition of ingredients more comprehensible for our consumers. How? By offering a definition of each ingredient of the formula. The Pur Bambou line is made with 99% natural ingredients and is free of parabens, silicones or artificial fragrances.

Focus on ethics:

The organic bamboo used in Pur Bamboo by  SO’BiO étic® is 100% French-sourced from a location in the Drôme department, that ensures complete traceability.

This bamboo grows naturally without any artificial irrigation.  Furthermore, it is hand picked in its natural environment.

Zooming in on active ingredients

SO’BiO étic® has chosen bamboo that is 100% sourced in France from a location in the Drôme area, to ensure perfect traceability.

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