A force of nature

Bamboo is originally from China and is a type of grass that is renowned for its purifying virtues: it naturally supports the planet by filtering polluted waters through its roots

This phenomenon is referred to as phytoremediation.  In fact, bamboo plants create an underground system of dense rhizomes that promote the development of bacteria through oxygenation of the ground.  This bacterial action breaks down pollutants contained in effluents.

Where does the bamboo selected by SO’BiO étic® come from?

We chose organic bamboo from a 100% French supply chain located in the Drome department, in the south of France, to ensure complete traceability.

This bamboo is grown naturally without any artificial irrigation.

It is hand-picked in a forested area that can be extensive.  Only growths over one year old are selected.

Leaves are removed and left on site.  The stalks are tied together, split and cut into pieced by the producer.

The bamboo thus prepared is sent to the extractor.  Extraction occurs with a water base, and the extract is then clarified, filtered and stabilized in organic glycerin.

How does bamboo act on the skin?

Organic bamboo extract is recognized as a detoxifying active ingredient.  It contains 80% organic glycerin with hydrating properties.

The sap obtained from this exceptional bamboo is at the heart of this entirely new Pur BAMBOU line of detoxifying facial cleansers.

Product Line Pur Bamboo

Let your skin breathe!

Free your skin from all impurities, toxins and pollution particles, thanks to the power of organic Bamboo, a purifying plant able to filter polluted waters with its roots.

Gently cleansing the skin with Pur Bamboo

Your cleansing routine is the first essential step in skincare. When its gently done, it purifies the skin and keeps it healthy, beautiful and radiant while preventing premature aging.

To achieve a perfectly clear skin, SO’BiO étic® has created the Pur Bamboo line made with organic Bamboo, that lets your skin breathe, without dehydrating it.

To respond to the needs of all skin types, the Pure Bamboo line combines the purifying virtues of the bamboo combined with other natural active ingredients such as konjac, moringa or white clay for targeted efficacy.

Innovative, fresh and sensory textures

Fall in love for the gel texture, enriched with exfoliating white Bamboo splinters  with the Deep Cleansing Smoothing Scrub , the bi-phase texture of the micellar water or the opaque and green cream texture of the Detoxifying Clay Mask!

The line’s fresh, soft and natural formulas are pure and made in complete transparency: the composition of all the products of the Pur BAMBOO line is composed 99% of natural origin ingredients, with 0% parabens, silicones or synthetic fragances.

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