Moisturizers that nourish thirsty skin

Did you know that 28% of French women* say they have dry to very dry skin?

Deficiencies in lipids and water, which contribute to maintaining the balance of the skin, lead to tightness and discomfort: the skin lacks suppleness and radiance. To help restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film, SO’BiO étic® has developed the Nutri Coco product line to moisturize and nourish the skin and to provide the comfort and sensory qualities it requires.

A unique patented synergy for skincare that includes all the benefits of coconut

This product line is based on our [Coco]synergy complex, which includes 3 forms of coconut:

  • Organic coconut water: loaded with minerals that support nutrition, while hydrating, nourishing, refreshing and protecting the skin.
  • Organic fair trade coconut oil: nourishes and soothes the skin while protecting it against dehydration and restoring suppleness, comfort and well-being.
  • Organic fair trade Coconut liposomes: these are obtained from coconut flower sap to support skin hydration.

These highly concentrated coconut derivatives (from 8 to 17%) are obtained through an innovative formulation technology that helps optimize hydration* and nutrition without any greasiness or stickiness: the alpha gel texture**.

This structure mimics the skin’s lipidic cellular layers and creates water reservoirs on the surface, to help maintain an optimal and constant level of hydration while providing the nutrition levels required for normal to dry skin.

Result: a serum, a light cream, a melting cream, a nourishing face and body concentrate… Ultra-sensory skincare products offering melt-on-your-skin textures with an irresistible fragrance for intensely nourished and radiant skin without a sticky or greasy residue!

Coconut, a treasure trove of hydration* and nutrition for the skin

Noix de coco de la gamme Nutri Coco

Naturally fresh and delicious, coconut is the star ingredient of the Nutri Coco range: its hard and fibrous shell reveals a treasure trove of emollience, hydration* and comfort to pamper your skin.

100% natural fragrance

Let Nutri Coco take you away on a delightful journey thanks to its sensuous, sunny fragrance: top notes are dominated by fresh coconut combined with subtle floral and fruity aromas, heart notes are luminous with a soft, sweet and enveloping vanilla base.

Nutri Coco’s ethical extra

At SO’BiO étic®, our ingredient are sourced in terms of environmental and social criteria that are based on our paramount earth- and human-friendly values.

Our organic coconut oil is made from coconuts harvested by hand in Asia, which are then pressed and processed on site. This coconut is purchased at fair trade conditions, contributing to improved living conditions for local harvesters and their families.

*Kantar U&A Face Care France 2018 – ** Excluding our Coconut Nourishing Face & Body Concentrate

Zooming in on active ingredients

SO’BiO étic® selected cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from the Philippines. Coconut oil offers numerous properties for the hair and skin: it nourishes the skin and coats and strengthens hair.

Products included in this line