Our SO’BiO étic® coconut oil is sourced in the Philippines, a country where coconut palms have been grown traditionally ever since they were introduced by the Spaniards during the 16th century.  The earth and climate in the Philippines are ideally adapted to growing coconuts.

Coconut, a True Force of Nature

“The tree that gives everything necessary for life” or “Kalpa vrishka” is the Sanskrit name for coconut palms.

This tree is like a palm with a false trunk referred to as “stipa” which can reach up to 30 meters tall.

Our coconut oil producers grow coconuts in parcels that are less than 10 hectares where various types of trees grow.  This is referred to as polyculture, a process that ensures biodiversity protection.  Coconuts grow naturally, without any chemicals or irrigation and the outer shells are left on the ground at the foot of each tree to enrich the soil organically.

A Plant with Versatile Virtues

The way coconuts are used varies depending on which region of the world they are from.  This tree is especially useful for the inhabitants of tropical countries:  a liqueur named “arak” is obtained through distillation;  leaves and fibers are used to make rope, carpets and handbags.

In other countries, coconut is considered as sacred.  In India, for example, it is used as an offering to the gods during religious rituals.  In the South Pacific, the oil is considered as a purifying and protective emollient.

Coconut Oil at SO’BiO étic®

SO’BiO étic® has selected extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil.  It offers many virtues for the hair and body :  it nourishes the skin and coats and strengthens the hair.

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