Organic aloe vera skincare - Hydra Aloe Vera

Did you know that proper hydration is the secret to beautiful skin? Indeed, the skin is composed of 70% water, and it therefore requires balanced hydration to be in full health. Just as the body’s water reserves decrease during the day, those in the skin also need to be replenished daily to remain in top shape.

It so happens that there is a perfect and invaluable active ingredient that stands as the star of hydration: aloe vera!
This amazing thirst-quenching plant is renowned for the hydrating properties of its sap. Aloe vera is a real treasure trove for all skin types.

The SO’BiO étic® Research & Development Department has created a complete line of cleansing and skincare products for the face based on this invaluable hydrating ingredient.

A SO’BiO étic® exclusive product: higher impact benefits thanks to pure organic aloe vera juice. SO’BiO étic® has selected pure and non processed juice obtained from cold-pressed fresh aloe vera leaves.  This pure juice contains over 200 active principles, vitamins A, B, C, E, over 20 minerals, oligo-elements, and enzymes.

FRESH HYDRATION : for normal skins

A complete line of skin care products for all dehydrated skins to cleanse, remove makeup and hydrate.   Discover the power of aloe vera, known for its hydrating properties, in these super thirst-quenching skincare products, with formulas containing up to 60% aloe vera!

You’ll be amazed by these revolutionary hybrid textures that are light and refreshing and respond to your every wish.

DERMA-HYDRATION : for sensitive skins

Enjoy the gentleness of aloe vera and benefit from its soothing and hydrating properties thanks to this line of products dedicated to sensitive and reactive skins, that are prone to temporary redness, tightness, and discomfort. Discover the benefits of aloe vera combined with organic rose floral water, bisabolol and organic calendula in a complete line of skincare products offering a mild and delicate fragrance.

PURE HYDRATION : for combination to oily skins

The hydrating power of aloe vera juice combined with purifying organic citrus and mattifying zinc, in skincare products offering textures that are perfectly light and comfortable with a fresh and zesty fragrance, and that were especially developed to meet the needs of combination to oily skin.

Skincare & technical details on the SO’BiO étic® HYDRA Aloe Vera line

Take advantage of all the organic expertise Laboratoires LÉA NATURE puts into the formulation of these skincare products made with high concentrations of aloe vera and offering ultra-sensuous and varied textures to hydrate all skin types.

Focus on ethics

The aloe vera chosen by SO’BiO étic® is organic and comes from the fair trade sector (Fair for Life) in Mexico.  The Fair for Life certification shows that the aloe vera has been supplied in accordance with fair trade policies:  equitable pricing, fair and socially responsible working conditions, respect for the environment and human rights, reinvestment of benefits at the community level (well drilling and power supply to farms, pre-financing of harvests, etc.)

Composition and transparency

To help you understand what makes up our formulas, easier to read INCI lists with details about each ingredient, its role and where it comes from are printed on the back of our packs as space permits!
All our formulas are free of silicone & artificial fragrances.

Eco-designed packaging

Our bottles, tubes and jars are made of glass or partially made with bioplastic and/or recycled material.

Zooming in on active ingredients

Aloe vera was chosen for its precious hydrating, soothing and protective virtues. The fresh pulp is loaded with carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, making aloe vera a miracle plant for the skin.
INNOVATION : SO’BiO étic® has selected pure juice extracted directly from the heart of fresh leaves of aloe berbadensis, in order to preserve the rich content in active ingredients. The juice preserves all of the active ingredients contained in aloe vera (no less than 55 components) which is not the case for the freeze-dried aloe vera powder currently used in cosmetics.

Products included in this line