HYDRA Aloe Vera | Organic hydration

24H Rich Moisturizing Cream

SO’BiO étic has selected the best of aloe vera: organic aloe vera pure juice. The moisturising, regenerating and soothing properties at the heart of the plant are concentrated, for prolonged and intense efficacy.

Formulated with(1):
– Organic aloe vera pure juice for an instant deep moisturising effect ;
– Natural hyaluronic acid that helps maintain skin’s water level ;
– Organic shea butter, best known for its nourishing properties.
(1) Recognized for their properties

Sensory characteristics

Demonstrated performance


Aloe vera was chosen for its precious hydrating, soothing and protective virtues. The fresh pulp is loaded with carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, making aloe vera a miracle plant for the skin.
INNOVATION : SO’BiO étic® has selected pure juice extracted directly from the heart of fresh leaves of aloe berbadensis, in order to preserve the rich content in active ingredients. The juice preserves all of the active ingredients contained in aloe vera (no less than 55 components) which is not the case for the freeze-dried aloe vera powder currently used in cosmetics.

Apply in the morning and/or evening to a perfectly cleansed skin.

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