Précieux Argan

Argan oil has been renowned since ancient times for its antiaging and nourishing virtues. Our organic argan oil more than lives up to that reputation. It is the main ingredient in our Précieux Argan anti-aging line and helps combat loss of skin firmness. It is combined with naturally obtained hyaluronic acid which helps your skin maintain hydration, suppleness and firmness, pampering your skin with the best nature has to offer.

Discover our certified organic Précieux Argan anti-aging products that help you combat all the signs of aging:  they help smooth wrinkles, firm the skin and restore its natural radiance.  Whatever your age or your skin’s needs, you will find the skincare you want amongst the following Précieux Argan choices:

  • Anti-aging for skins in need of complete anti-aging action;
  • Anti-wrinkle for more targeted action on wrinkles and firmness;
  • Mature skins, for a revitalizing action to illuminate and nourish the skin and make it denser;
  • Nourishing, for essential care for dry skins.

For radiant skin that bursts with vitality at any age, complement your beauty routine with skincare that is perfectly adapted to your needs: serumcreamgeloilmicellar watereye and lip contour.

The organic argan used by SO’BiO étic® is harvested by hand to protect both the tree and the environment.  This is a fair trade supply chain that is certified by Fair for Life with no intermediaries involved, and the purchase of this argan contributes to improving working and living conditions for workers while supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

This skincare is made in France, is 99% natural, is formulated with organic and fair trade argan oil, and is packaged in with materials that are rigorously eco-designed, making it earth-friendly as well!


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