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Over time, the skin loses its capacity to protect itself against dehydration, causing wrinkles to appear and loss of firmness in the face. The good news is that daily anti-aging, anti-wrinkle or mature skincare can help your skin fight against the signs of aging, and world-renown argan oil is the star of the show in this respect!

The best in organic anti-aging skincare with argan oil

SO’BiO étic® created Précieux Argan, a line of anti-aging care to combat the appearance of wrinkles on the face.  These product’s efficacy comes from the extraordinary properties of argan oil.  This “vegetal gold” is loaded with omega 6 and 9 as well as vitamin E to fight free radicals and prevent aging.

Précieux Argan is the leading organic facial care available in supermarkets* and offers a choice of organic beauty products which efficacy has been clinically tested.
Creams, gel, serum, eye contour, etc.: SO’BiO étic® offers the best argan oil anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skincare with innovative textures that are gentle and fragrant.

Because the skin’s needs change over time, SO’BiO étic® has created several Précieux Argan product lines to respond to everyone’s needs.

Crème légère anti-âge Précieux Argan Soin hydratant Anti-rides Précieux Argan Crème rose Peaux Matures Précieux Argan Huile pure Argan biologique 50ml

  • A line of global anti-aging skincare, that is effective and sensory to combat all signs of aging.

As soon as the skin starts losing elasticity and firmness fine lines start appearing and the skin needs help to remain radiant and hydrated.

In combination with argan oil, hyaluronic acid acts as a genuine youthfulness booster. By allowing the skin to maintain its water reserves, it helps to correct the signs of aging and protects the skin, which becomes visibly firmer and more radiant day after day.

  • A line of organic anti-wrinkle skincare to combat existing wrinkles and lack of firmness.

When wrinkles settle in, the skin requires targeted action to reduce the amount, the depth and the length of wrinkles and to reinforce the skin tone.

SO’BiO étic® has combined argan oil with a technical high-performance active ingredient that naturally and specifically boosts natural collagen production:  organic white lupine peptides.

  • A line of expert skincare dedicated to mature skin.

With menopause, the skin becomes finer, loses density and radiance, and spots may start appearing.  Mature skins need to be hydrated and nourished. SO’BiO étic® has created a synergy of organic active ingredients targeted to respond to the needs of mature skin.

This patented formula combines nourishing argan oil with restructuring organic camellia oil, and plant collagen, extracted from redensifying algae.

In addition to these ingredients, our comfortable and ultra-sensorial textures, delicately scented, for a real moment of relaxation and well-being. Nourishing the skin while restoring its radiance are the promises of the Précieux Argan Peaux Matures line for a radiant face.

  • A line of essential nourishing skincare with argan oil

To combine the sensoriality of a pure vegetable oil with the anti-aging effectiveness of argan, find all these benefits in different oils: pure, bath & massage and universal. Perfect to take care of your skin while enjoying a pure sensory experience.

Focus on ethics:

The white lupine selected by SO’BiO étic® is organic certified and grown in France.

Our organic argan oil comes from its original area located between Essaouira and Agadir.

Our brand works with local nonprofits to promote and facilitate ecological farming.

Through this strong commitment, SO’BiO étic® is durably involved in the organic supply chain and considers argan oil as an extremely beneficial oil for organic cosmetics and anti-aging.

* IRI – France, total HMSM + e-sales -Sales value in € – Sales as of P03 2022

Zooming in on active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid is naturally contained in the skin and is capable of absorbing nearly 1000 times its weight in water, just the way a sponge would. As the body ages, however, it becomes depleted. Loss of elasticity in the skin, the formation of wrinkles and dehydration of the skin are all linked to diminishing quantities of hyaluronic acid.
Our hyaluronic acid works on the surface of the skin***, to form a protective film that contributes to increasing the amount of water retained by the skin***. It provides intense and long-lasting hydration for up to 24 hours**. Skin is rehydrated and fully moisturized. SO’BiO étic® hyaluronic acid is 100% natural and 100% French.
** test in vivo
*** test ex vivo

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