Make-up removers and micellar waters

Organic round cotton pads

- 100% organic and fair trade cotton -

These super soft and effective SO’BiO étic® double-sided round cotton pads are extra strong and do not come apart.
They can be used with micellar water, a cleansing milk or a lotion to cleanse the face and neck and remove makeup gently, and without shredding.

These pads are conveniently double-sided with 2 complementary sides: the striped one effectively removes makeup while the smoothe side ensures any remaining impurities and makeup are gently lifted.

Leur plus ?
The fabric is made from organic cotton and 100% of the fibers are organically farmed.
Certified by Ecocert Greenlife based on GOTS standards, found at
Mostly, this organic cotton is fair-trade sourced, based on Fair for Life certification.

Choosing cotton pads made with organic, fair trade cotton to remove your makeup also helps the planet!

  • Extra strong
  • Super soft
  • Packaging made from 80% recycled materials

Bag of 80 rounds


100% organic and fair trade

These SO’BiO étic® double-sided round cotton pads can be used at any time to cleanse your skin of any impurities. Cleanse your skin withSO’BiO étic®makeup removers and micellar waters.

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