Zero defect mission!

Fatigue, stress, pollution, hormonal imbalances and poor lifestyle choices can lead to imperfections, red spots, dilated pores, dull complexion and shiny skin. In the day and age of multitasking, women are seeking perfect skin at all times, even without makeup!

In order to respond to their new needs, the SO’BiO étic® Research & Development Department has created a 4-step approach to skincare in order to achieve naturally perfect complexion: CLEAN – PURIFY – BEAUTIFY.

The sacred lotus flower, a symbol of purity and beauty, is at the heart our formulas.  This “ultra protective” active ingredient offers calming, soothing, hydrating, emollient, and protective properties to fight against free radicals while clearing and evening out complexion.
Innovative formula:  LPP (Lotus Peau Parfaite – lotus perfect skin) patent.  This patented active ingredient offers a synergy of sacred lotus extracts, hamamelis, and zinc or one of its salts.  It hydrates, mattifies, tightens pores, smoothes the skin and unifies complexion.  The skin is evened out and complexion is radiant, your skin looks perfect!

These skincare products offer sensory textures, such as our generous and creamy mousse, our steam bath lotion, our serum and our cream, all of which are formulated without silicone or mineral oils.
Thanks to its expertise in 100% natural fragrances, the SO’BiO étic®  Research & Development Department has created a beneficial perfume based on 5 essential oils offering soothing comfort to relax your body and release tension while providing a feeling of well-being.

Focus on Ethics:

The sacred lotus extract selected by SO’BiO étic® comes from flowers that are organically grown in Laos, near Vientiane. These are harvested and dried in accordance with traditional methods. This village is isolated from urban areas and this activity helps maintain local jobs, limiting exodus towards the cities.


Zooming in on active ingredients

Lotus flowers have exceptional soothing, astringent, and refreshing virtues and are used to treat skin imperfections. The sacred lotus flower is an ultra-protective active ingredient and radiance activator.
INNOVATION: SO’BiO étic® has patented the lotus, hamamelis and zinc complex found in our “Perfect Skin” line. This complex hydrates the skin, limits sebum production and tightens the pores, while smoothing and evening out the complexion.

Products included in this line