SO'BiO étic® Makeup

Organic makeup shows off its new colors

MAKEUP is at the heart of our coherent organic approach

When we created SO’BiO étic® 13 years ago, we set out on a mission to create beauty products for women that would also contribute to a more beautiful world.
At SO’BiO étic®, we are committed to offering products that combine naturalness and scientific expertise with textures that are 100% agreeable. Thanks to our expertise in organic formulation, we have developed a brand new range of organic1 color & care makeup.

Forget any preconceived ideas you might have about organic makeup! This new range of SO’BiO étic® makeup will surprise you, both with its formulation and with the intensity and staying power of the pigments we use. Discover our « safe2 » formulas that make these vibrant colors and sensory textures so easy to apply!
Ethical sourcing as well as environmentally friendly formulations that are up to 100% natural and vegan3, certified organic products1 and eco-designed packaging are some of the elements that contributed to the development of this  range of organic makeup that reflects the spirit of the times and that is made in France: this is what SO’BiO étic® organic coherence is all about.


Adorn yourself in vibrant hues

Inspired by nature’s lively color palette, the new SO’BiO étic® line unveils pure, intense shades and sensuous, comfortable textures that are second to none to conventional makeup. The clever combination of naturally obtained pigments and mother of pearl, combined with plant-based ingredients, has led to the development of this range of innovative shades and textures.
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the soft and velvety textures of our products are made from a combination of mineral and vegetable powders.

« Our formulation work lies in researching the best combination of mineral pigments and 100% natural mother of pearl to offer a wide range of shades. » Stéphanie Feille, Manager of our R&D Innovation department for skincare & makeup.


Apply your makeup with…confidence!

SO’BiO étic® makeup is free of any ingredients that may be harmful for the skin or for the Earth.  Because we have removed all raw materials that have been demonstrated to be damaging to your health or to the environment, our makeup exceeds Cosmebio charter standards.
We no longer use natural carmine colorant obtained from ground cochineal, silica in blushes, or titanium dioxide for our skin powders, blushes and some of our lipsticks.
Besides, our makeup contains no silicone, dyes, or synthetic fragrances, one of the Léa Nature Group’s trademarks since its creation.

« Replacing titanium dioxide (with mineral and vegetable powders) was possible thanks to our scientific expertise acquired over several years; we have successfully done so for several of our products. « Stéphanie Feille, Manager of Innovation, Research and Development for Léa Nature Skin Care & Makeup


Combining color and care

SO’BiO étic® makeup is a hybrid product that serves your beauty goals while remaining innocuous for your health and for the environment. It cares for the skin with certified organic and natural plant extracts such as antioxidant hibiscus, moisturizing jojoba and nourishing shea butter. Each texture agent also offers skincare benefits. This is particularly true of plant oil derivatives, which improve how our products feel while hydrating the skin and restoring comfort.

« We wanted to combine pleasant textures and intense colors while taking care of your skin, in line with SO’BiO étic® branding » – Aurélie Schanker, Makeup and Skincare Marketing Director


Nonpolluting Makeup

Our new SO’BiO étic® makeup is not only good for the skin, it is also highly earth-friendly, from the formulation all the way to the packaging. Any plastics we use are plant-based and made from sugar cane, while all our materials are 100% recyclable.  We also offer a tamper-proof process even though there is no overwrapping. The wood or cardboard we use comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC).

« Our organically-coherent approach serves to guide us in our pack designs: in addition to our eco-friendly packaging made from wood and cardboard obtained from sustainably managed forests, 100% plant-based plastics and 100% recyclable materials, we have also eliminated all packaging overwraps. » Gilles Maray, Cosmetic Packaging Project Manager


Foundations, nail polishes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras and eye pencils: discover a new generation of certified organic makeup products!

1 – Certified organic according to Ecocert and Cosmos specifications, excluding natural nail polish
2 – Risk-free
3 – Excluding mascaras