A Force of Nature

Vanilla comes from Manilla and was introduced in Tahiti in 1848 although it was not grown for harvesting until 1880.  Because it is exceptionally well acclimated to Tahiti, vanilla tahitensis has developed its unique and characteristic aroma which has made it one of the most prized varieties of vanilla in the world.

A Plant with Multiple Virtues

Vanilla is a symbol of gentleness and love and has evolved into a plant with active ingredients of its own.  It is recognized for its emollient, soothing, anti-oxydant and remineralizing virtues.  Some say that vanilla also has emotional and aphrodisiaque properties.

Vanilla Maceration

This vanilla maceration is as golden as the sun of Tahiti; it is rich in active molecules that make it nourishing, hydrating and invigorating.

Vanilla from the Islands

SO’BiO étic® has selected Tahitian vanilla, known as “Tahiti’s black gold” and as a symbol of gentleness and femininity. Vanilla is a demanding type of orchid which requires specific attention and traditional growing methods. In order to obtain the vanilla fruit (the bean), the pollinisation of the flowers must be carried out by human beings. It is a delicate process, and it if referred to as the “mariage” of the flower. The vanilla plant flowers just one day per year, so pollinisation begins early in the morning that day. The fruit is harvested 9 months later, when it has achieved maturity. It is then dried under the Tahiti sun, fully revealing its richness in active ingredients and aromas.

SO’BiO étic® Vanilla

SO’BiO étic® has chosen a vanilla bean maceration that is crushed and steeped in vegetal oil following a specific method.  This maceration facilitates the diffusion into the oil of the vanilla’s active molecules.

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