Rice powder

An active ingredient with mattifying properties!

Rice powder, an ancestral beauty secret!

Rice powder is originally from Asia and was used by geishas to whiten their complexion. In France, the men and women to the king’s court used it to whiten their skin and hair. Today, rice powder remains a beauty product used for its mattifying and absorbent properties. It can also be used to facilitate setting make-up.

A force of nature

Rice is endemic to Asia and more particularly to China. This grain has been grown in France for many decades since it is adapted to the country’s climate and wetlands.

When the rice reaches its maturity, it is harvested and the husk is removed to reveal the precious white grains. In 1881, a renowned pharmacist, Théophile Leclerc, developed rice powder or oriza sativa powder. This powder is extremely fine with absorbent and mattifying virtues.

Rice powder, a plant with a thousand virtues

Rice is a symbol of life, fertility and abundance. In Europe, rice is thrown on the bridegroom after the wedding for good luck. We have selected rice powder for its absorbent and mattifying properties and its ability to protect the skin from drying out. Rice is renowned for containing sugars, proteins and some minerals.

Organic quality

SO’BiO étic® rice powder is made from selected organic white rice grains that are finely micronized using a natural mechanical process. Our rice is sourced from an organic producer in the South of France. SO’BiO étic® contributes to environmental conservation by choosing organic rice that comes from a French supply chain.

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