The refreshing power of flowers

Floral waters or hydrosols are obtained from the water left over through steam distillation. They are co-products of the steam distillation process used to obtain essential oils.
This process consists in forcing the steam through the plant, which captures the volatile constituents as it goes through. The steam/volatile constituents are then condensed into a cooling duct. The water and essential oil is collected in a Florence flask. The essential oil is less dense that the water is and remains on the surface, at which point it is collected when it overflows.
The water obtained this way is loaded with active molecules which may be a fraction of soluble essential oil. Hydrosols are true allies in your daily beauty routine.

SO’BiO étic®  Organic Hydrosols

SO’BiO étic® has selected specialized partners for the distillation process ensuring premium quality certified organic essential oils, hydrosols and floral waters.

Focus on Our Flower Waters

Damasc rose (Rosa damascena) water is obtained through the distillation of fresh flowers. SO’BiO étic® gets its flower water from the Rose Valley in Morocco. Damasc roses are cultivated for their fragrant flowers that are often used by the perfume industry. The traditional distillation method allows for the production of both the oil and flower water.
Flower water is known as an astringent and a facial tonic.
In Arabic culture, it is also considered as a remedy.

Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)
Hamamelis is a plant used in traditional medicine for the body, as well as for the skin and the hair.
Hamamelis hydrosol is obtained through distillation of the dried leaves. The entire process takes place in France, where the plants are grown, harvested and processed. Hamamelis hydrosol is traditionally known for its invigorating, refreshing, soothing, astringent and purifying virtues.

This symbolic plant flowers in the fields between April and July.  The cornflower is a luminous flower that is used for its decongestant properties.  The hydrosol is mainly used to relieve swollen eyes and saggy eyelids.  It is soothing and astringent, making an excellent facial tonic that brightens up dull skin.

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