An ancient ingredient

A Force of Nature

Donkey milk (Lacta asinus) is the essence of feminine beauty rituals, and was immortalized by Cleopatra herself, revealing the precious cosmetic virtues of this active ingredient, worthy of a queen.   It is also an age-old remedy in traditional medicine.

A Milk with Multiple Virtues**

Freshly milked donkey milk is loaded with essential nutrients and oligo-elements.  It also contains vitamins and fatty acids. The constituents of this milk help soothe² and regenerate the upper layers of the skin, slowing down the aging process and maintaining it velvety soft.  Donkey milk is extremely gentle and especially adapted to sensitive skin.

SO’BiO étic® Donkey Milk

SO’BiO étic® donkey milk comes from a traditional donkey farm located just a few kilometers away from our production site near La Rochelle. SO’BiO étic® is contributing to the long-term development of this donkey farm that is all organic in its breeding and production methods.
SO’BiO étic® is especially concerned with animal welfare. Jennies enjoy the best conditions and their foals always get the first helping of their milk. When the foals are partially weened and diversifying their diet, then the jennies’ extra milk is set aside to be used in SO’BiO étic® products. In this way, foals are never separated from their mothers and are sure to get all the milk they need.

** According to bibliography
² test in vivo

Product Line Mon Lait d’Ânesse

Sublimely beautiful skin!

Your skin requires increasingly gentle treatments in order to ensure it is protected from multiple environmental irritants while maintaining durable suppleness and radiance.

That is why the SO’BiO étic® Research & Development Department has created a line of donkey-milk skincare products loaded with all of the essential nutriments and oligo-elements contained in this precious active ingredient which has been known since the Egyptian antiquity for its soothing properties.
Infinitely gentle and hydrating to pamper your skin.

Focus on Ethics:

We have selected donkey milk from a farm located near our laboratories, and we support the breeder’s organic certification procedure.  The fowls are never deprived of their own milk even though some of it is collected for cosmetic use.

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