A double-action active ingredient

A Force of Nature

Common or dyer’s madder (Rubia tinctorius) has been known for centuries as an heirloom vegetal dye and has lent its name to the incomparable bright red color it produces.  The vegetal dye is extracted from the roots, and can range from pink to red hues.  It was used in ancient Egypt for makeup.  Since the beginning of the 20th century, natural colorants have been systematically replaced by synthetically-produced ones.  Madder farming declined gradually as a result, as chemical dyes became more and more popular.

A Plant with Multiple Virtues **

The common madder was already used by ancient Egyptians as colorant. The roots are loaded with active ingredients such as polyphenols, flavonoids, minerals and tanins which give the root its red color.
The virtues of the common madder are not limited to its coloring properties, however: it is also loaded with anti-oxidant, remineralizing, and soothing active ingredients.

Common Madder Extract

When producing the extract, the common madder’s active ingredients are fully preserved, conferring the characteristic red color to the final product.
Common madder extract is therefore a double-action ingredient that is used for its red color and for its anti-oxydant, remineralizing, and soothing properties. It is ideal for natural and effective makeup products, providing color and skincare at the same time!

SO’BiO étic® Common Madder

Common madder is a perennial plant that originally comes from Asia and Eastern Europe.  It has been grown since ancient times and is now commonly found in temperate zones.  SO’BiO étic® has selected common madder root that is grown locally, in France, a short distance away from the company headquarters in La Rochelle.

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