The active ingredient in SO'BiO étic® baby

Aloe Vera, a strong resemblance with the skin

Originally found in North Africa, aloe vera grows in dry and hot climates.  This perennial is very hardy in dry climates thanks to its specific structure.

Aloe vera dehydrated gel is a dry and concentrated powder form that fully preserves the natural active ingredients* of the plant.  It is known for being akin to the skin and gorged with essential carbohydrates and amino acids.


A plant that is naturally hydrating

Aloe vera is known for its hydrating and regulating properties.  It soothes and protects the skin.

The organic Aloe Vera choice

SO’BiO étic® obtains its organic aloe vera from a sustainable and ethical source located in Mexico.  Thanks to this certification, our brand remains human- and earth-friendly while ensuring fair prices and socially responsible working conditions.

This aloe vera is grown without added chemical fertilizers and harvested by hand so that the plant’s active ingredients are fully preserved for the highest cosmetic efficacy.

* according to bibliography

Product Line BABY

Keeping my baby safe !

Until age 2, the hydrolipidic film of a baby’s skin is not completely formed and does not provide sufficient protection against irritants like the wind, the sun or temperature changes and friction from diapers.


Babies’ skin is prone to irritation and dehydration and therefore needs to be protected, nourished and hydrated daily.

It requires specific care capable of maintaining a healthy and dry skin and protecting it from irritation and dehydration… and not just any type of care.


Care and Technicality

SO’BiO étic® Baby products are high tolerence1 and gentle on all skin types, including the most delicate and sensitive ones and it is suited to babies. Our formulas are simple on purpose and therefore safe for use even for the delicate skin of newborns.

Care and Enjoyment

SO’BiO étic® baby skincare products are gentle enough for daily use and soothe the sensitive skin of babies.

Zooming in on Our Product Guarantees

SO’BiO étic® products are allergen-free2 and contain NO sulfates3 and NO alcohol.  They are medically tested, made from 99% natural ingredients and free of controversial chemical additives.

The Ethical Extra

To preserve the environment as well as babies’ skin, SO ‘BiO étic® has chosen to package its products in bioplastic containers.

1 Formulated and tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions – 2 Labelled – 3 NO sulfated surfactants

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