Nail polish

Nail polish - 12 French White -


The nail polishes offered by SO’BiO étic® natural’ powerfully combine natural ingredients and technical performance.
Their formulation is derived from potatoes, corn, wheat, tapioca and cotton, and contains a minimum of 83 to 89% natural ingredients depending on the color.
Petrochemical solvents and plastics have been replaced with vegetal substitutes.
Formulation FREE OF: parabens, formaldehyde, phtalates, toluene, xylene, synthetic camphor, colophany.
SO’BiO étic® natural nail polish combines color intensity and high-performance care without making any compromises on color, brilliance, long-lasting hold and drying time. This nail polish is enriched with organic castor oil, which magnifies your nails through its fortifying and regenerating virtues.
The brush is designed to facilitate precise application through even distribution and coverage for optimal results.
Final result: beautiful, healthy nails !
Formulation FREE OF: formaldehyde, phtalates, toluene, xylene, synthetic camphor, colophany, parabens.
Dermatologically tested

  • Combines color intensity and high-performance care
  • Magnifies and fortifies the nails
  • 83 to 89 % natural

10 ml Tube

Castor oil is an ancient beauty treatment and remedy which coats and smoothes the hair, helping it grow better.
Castor oil contains high levels of ricinoleic acid, making it the densest and most viscous oil. It is traditionally used to fortify, protect and regenerate skin appendages and is a genuine beauty treatment.

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