A whiff of pure oxygen for your skin !

Over the years, repeated exposure to pollution, stress, and fatigue causes slower cell renewal as the daily aging process settles in. What better response than this line of 4 oxygen-boosting treatments to revitalize cell metabolism?

The SO’BiO étic® Research & Development Department has created this line of 4 skincare products that provide your skin with two sources of energy:

  • Oxygen, contained in kelp and obtained by cryoextraction*,
  • Hydration*, through glacier water which bonds naturally to the skin.

INNOVATIVE SO’BiO étic® PATENT: **cryoextraction is a process that ensures all of the oxygenating power of kelp is fully preserved.

This line offers light and refreshing textures and demonstrated efficacy through four skincare treatments that deliver oxygen to your skin.
Enjoy oxygenating freshness thanks to the pure and aquatic fragrance of these products.

Focus on Ethics:

SO’BiO étic® carefully collects the water from the natural melting process of Swiss glaciers in an effort to preserve the environment.

Zooming in on active ingredients

Water from glaciers is an active water: when ice melts, water seeps into the ground, travelling through rock and loading up on precious minerals and oligo-elements.
SO’BiO étic® has chosen to encapsulate glacier water in a liposome in order to preserve its pureness. The liposome form improves the bond between glacier water and the skin, offering long-lasting** hydration*. Glacier water liposomes protect the skin from thermal stress and make it feel soothed and refreshed.
* Hydration of the upper layers of the skin
** Test in vivo

Laminaria hyperborea (kelp) is traditionally used for its nourishing, antioxidant, purifying and refreshing properties. Kelp is loaded with minerals (including iodine) and vitamins and is often used to detoxify and revitalize the body.
INNOVATION: SO’BiO étic® uses an extract obtained by cryoextraction, a patented process developed by our partner. Thanks to specific equipment, the plant is “cryo-shreded” in a liquid nitrogen environment, limiting any contact of the fresh plant with oxygen, therefore preventing oxydation. This method of extraction ensures the kelp retains optimal levels of active molecules.

Products included in this line