A refreshing concentrate

A Force of Nature

The lemon (citrus medica limonum), which comes from the lemon tree and is first cited in writing in Chinese literature, is certainly a hybrid that originated in Asia.  It is grown in many regions of the world where the climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean.

A Plant with Multiple Virtues

Lemon is commonly cited in books about medicinal plants or aromatherapy.  Because they are so rich in Vitamine C, lemons, much like oranges, were traditionally carried as food during long trips.  Lemon has been used by women for centuries to brighten complexion, soften the hands, harden nails and add shine to hair.

Lemon Essential Oil

Essential lemon oil is toning, purifying, refreshing and zesty and is easily recognizable.  It purifies and tones the skin.  It is also known for regulating sebum production.

Organic Lemon

SO’BiO étic® has selected certified organic lemon oil.   This certification is a guarantee of traceability all along the production process, from the initial supply of fruit to the final essential oil, to ensure optimum olfactive and sensory qualities (verification that the product is free of pesticides).

SO’BiO étic® Lemon

SO’BiO étic® has chosen lemons grown on organic farms in South America, located in areas that are protected from pollution.

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