KELP (laminaria hyperborea)

An oxygen concentrate

A Force of Nature

Kelp (laminaria hyperborea) is an algae found near the North Pole, and is part of the brown micro-algae family.  The plant lives 10 to 15 years.  It is the main constituent of kelp forests and can be found in large quantities along the boreal coasts.  It is an autotrophic species, meaning that when exposed to light, it produces a great deal of chlorophyl.  It also has high contents of green pigments which contain oxygen atoms, carbohydrates, oligo-elements and polyphenols.  Kelp is a wholesome and natural active ingredients.

A Plant with Mutiples Virtues **

For centuries, kelp has been used in traditional medecine, namely in Japan and China. It was used as a poultice to heal wounds.
Laminaria hyperborea (kelp) is traditionally used for its nourishing, antioxidant, purifying and refreshing properties. It contains high levels of polysaccharids which are renown as a thickener, stabilizer and emulsifier. Kelp is loaded with minerals (including iodine) and vitamins and is often used to detoxify and revitalize the body.
Kelp contains oxygen and carbohydrates, two essential elements for the mitochondria to generate energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Kelp Extract

INNOVATION : SO’BiO étic® uses an extract obtained by cryoextraction, a patented process developed by our partner.  Thanks to specific equipment, the plant is “cryo-shreded” in a liquid nitrogen environment, limiting any contact of the fresh plant with oxygen, therefore preventing oxydation.  This method of extraction ensures the kelp retains optimal levels of active molecules.

Certified Kelp for Use in Organic Cosmetics

Kelp is not a farmed plant.  It comes from underwater and therefore cannot be certified organic.  SO’BiO étic® has nonetheless chosen a natural resource that complies with specifications for organic cosmetics.

SO’BiO étic® Kelp

SO’BiO étic® has selected kelp from Norway. Abundant quantities of kelp (laminaria hyperborea) can be found off the coasts of Norway, where the dense kelp beds are referred to as fields or forests.
Harvesting is carried out from small boats equipped with handcrafted tools that have been used for several decades off the coasts of the town of Stawanger and Bergen, following environmentally respectful and sustainable methods. Fields are left to lie fallow in order to ensure sustainable renewal of the kelp beds. Once it is harvested, the kelp is frozen to preserve its constituents and active ingredients fully.

* Hydration of the upper layers of the skin     ** According to bibliography 

Product Line Aqua Energie

A whiff of pure oxygen for your skin !

Over the years, repeated exposure to pollution, stress, and fatigue causes slower cell renewal as the daily aging process settles in. What better response than this line of 4 oxygen-boosting treatments to revitalize cell metabolism?

The SO’BiO étic® Research & Development Department has created this line of 4 skincare products that provide your skin with two sources of energy:

  • Oxygen, contained in kelp and obtained by cryoextraction*,
  • Hydration*, through glacier water which bonds naturally to the skin.

INNOVATIVE SO’BiO étic® PATENT: **cryoextraction is a process that ensures all of the oxygenating power of kelp is fully preserved.

This line offers light and refreshing textures and demonstrated efficacy through four skincare treatments that deliver oxygen to your skin.
Enjoy oxygenating freshness thanks to the pure and aquatic fragrance of these products.

Focus on Ethics:

SO’BiO étic® carefully collects the water from the natural melting process of Swiss glaciers in an effort to preserve the environment.

The products