A hydration booster

A Force of Nature

Honey (mel) has been a well-known product for many centuries.  In the past, honey hunters sometimes put themselves in perilous situations to collect it.  Since then, we have learned how to use beehives, making it much easier to obtain honey.  It is a symbol of sweetness, tastiness, and wealth in all cultures.

A Substance with Multiple Virtues

Honey is said to have a number of healing powers.  It can be found in food and health products, but also occupies a privileged position as a cosmetic ingredient.  Honey is one of the most traditional beauty treatments. Thanks to a complex composition, it has many properties.  It is known for its healing and repairing virtues, and also provides shine and suppleness to the hair.

SO’BiO étic® Honey

SO’BiO étic® has chosen honey made from the flowers of Provence.
It is produced by bees with the nectar collected from the flowers of the Provence region of France such as French honeysuckle, rock rose, heather, lavender, fruit trees, wild thyme, broom, thyme, savory, dandelion, oak, etc. The honey is then collected by a local producer, whose family has been in the business for the past three generations, and whose passion, experience and traditional know-how contribute to maintaining premium quality.

* Hydration of the upper layers of the skin

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